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A young company with a lot of passion in a new industry that is long overdue

For some people Virtual Reality is a new technology they just heard about. For some of us, though, Virtual Reality is a technology we dreamed about from the time we were children.

For reasons not worth exploring, Virtual Reality did not happen in the 1990's. 2015 was the year that the movie Back to the Future became had all events happen in the past! And while many of us dreamed about technologies like time travel, flying cars, Virtual Reality, and hoverboards, much of it did not become a reality as we had hoped.

But do not be discouraged. We are no mere spectators in this world of ours. We are creators, and we have grown up. Our job is not to wait for someone else to create the technologies we want to enjoy. It is our responsibility to do the work, to collaborate, and to train others on what it takes to bring these technologies into fruition.

VR is our passion, and it always has been. Thanks to Palmer Luckey, who reawakened us to the fact that VR can be done now, and with affordable hardware, a new industry was born the moment he launched his kickstarter campaign back in 2012. The success of the Oculus Rift proved that the public wants VR, but more than that: it reminded some of us that our dream of VR being a reality is now more achievable than ever before.

It's natural for like-minded people to come together. In March 2015 Chronos VR was born with the goal of creating Virtual Worlds and making VR accessible to all people. For this reason we started the Chronos VR Development School in August 2015, so that all people can learn and master the technologies required to build for VR.

We take pride in bringing VR to the public by giving demos and sharing the knowledge we have acquired thus far. We want for everyone to participate in VR. We will do whatever it takes to ensure that VR is here to stay this time. What does VR make possible? Connection, immersive entertainment, corporate training, architectural visualization, immersive eduction... the possibilities are endless.

If Virtual Reality interests you, come talk to us. If Virtual Reality is something you want to learn, come participate in our VR Development School. If you have amazing ideas for VR, come to us about a potential project. In Virtual Reality, all dreams are possible.

CHRONOS VR Mission Statement

To create stunning virtual worlds where all things are possible, and to train people on creating virtual worlds and experiences. To make VR accessible to all people, and to create opportunities for everyone involved. To be the catalyst for enough VR content that VR can serve as a time-machine: a portal to futuristic worlds as well as ancient ones. To create experiences that connect people in ways that make physical travel unnecessary.

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call us: (206) 290-8633 Monday - Friday | 9am - 5pm (Pacific Time)

Visit Us: 999 Third Avenue, 7th Floor - Seattle, WA, USA

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